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Hi, I'm Christian Parker, a highly driven website designer and developer based in the UK. Providing bespoke creative websites to all of my clients, all over the map, from SME's to international organisations. I aim to ensure your project is a success by creating user friendly interfaces that work cross-browser and are scalable on all devices. Just take a look at some of the websites I've produced.

Recent projects

Why choose me?

Market Research

I investigate in to your markets competitors to find out the practices and strategies they use to gain traffic. Research into quantitative data surrounding your business in trends and keywords. Gain an understanding on the qualitative factors of the competitors online presence and how to better them. Then conclude with a strategy to create something that works for your business and compete with the current market and pushes the boundaries.

Creative Design

Now that we have the knowlegde from the market research around your business. I can collate a vision on paper of how we want people to interact with your website, whilst giving the user the best experience possible. I will then create a Wireframe and Photoshop design that fits within your market. Allowing you to have as many revisions, ensuring you're going to be happy with the final product.

Specialist Development

Once the design and strategy has been finalised and signed off, the development will go underway. Dependent on what your website will entail, wether it's an eCommerce, Blog or Informational. I will choose the best up to date platforms/languages to ensure the site is secure, easy to use and accesible on all devices/browsers.

Launch, Improve and Maintain

Once your website is live, unlike some freelancers and DIY websites, I will never leave you in the dark. I offer SEO solutions and maintenance packages to make sure your website is running how it should be at all times. I am always contactable and happy to make improvements, amends, give guides and even undertake workshops.

What I can do for you...


  • How long will my website project take?

    Every project is unique and the timescale always vary on functionalities and size. All of my websites are bespoke to made to your preferences. After we discuss your project I am able to give you an estimated timeframe within a day.

    • Single Page: approximately 2 - 4 days*.
    • Blogs and content managed: approximately between 3 - 6 days*.
    • Multimedia/Corporate/Informational: approximately between 5 days - 10 days*.
    • eCommerce: approximately between 8 - 16 days*.

    *Days may be spanned over a few weeks/months, depending on availability, correspondence and the content received.

  • How soon can we get started?

    Usually I’m available immediately, estimates can be given within a day of a phone consultation and I will be able to tell you my availability on the call.

  • How much does a website cost?

    Every project is unique and costs always vary on functionalities and size. All of my websites are bespoke to make your online presence a success. After we discuss your project I am able to give you an estimated price within a day.

  • What are your payment terms?

    Dependant on what’s required, payments tend to come in stages. After the proposal and site plan is agreed, I will invoice for 20% of the final estimated cost. This 20% tends to cover any initial costs I may incur when developing/designing a website.

  • Can you host my website?

    Yes, I can manage your server, host your website and purchase your domain on your behalf. Domain and hosting are required for every website, so if you haven't already purchased it, I can make your life easy.

    • Domain - Price on request, tends to average around £10 per year.
    • Hosting - £60 to £100 a year inclusive of an SSL certificate, 2 email accounts, 1 subdomain, 2 databases, and general server maintenance.

  • What do I need to provide?

    You’re the genius in your industry field, you are required to provide all content and images. If you do struggle with creative writing or/and you need royalty free images I am able provide extra services to help you out.

  • Will you work alongside another designer/developer?

    Yes, if you already have a designer/developer on board I am able to collaborate with them to design/build your website.

  • Will I be able to manage my websites content?

    All of my websites tend to come with Content Management Systems unless advised differently.

  • Do you offer training on managing my website?

    I will never leave you in the dark. Once I’ve completed your website I will help you manage and maintain by offering an online tutorial, in person training or written guides. I am always available to provide free aftercare with small problems or question you may have.

  • Do you offer maintenance packages?

    Yes, I offer monthly or annual maintenance packages. Packages range between 2 - 8 hours a month.

    • On a monthly basis between £70 - £280*
    • On an annual basis between £780 - £3,120*

    *Same price applies to every type of business. It is worked out on an hourly rate. The hourly rate is lower on an annual basis, with the highest price saving you £260 over the year.

  • I want to open an online shop, can you help?

    Yes, I offer eCommerce services no matter the size of your business.

  • Can you provide hosting and domain services?

    Yes, I use third party software to host websites. Software can be decided by your personal preference (if you have one). If not I tend to use Galaxy Web Solutions.

  • Why choose an independent developer over an online website creator?

    Your online presence is an investment, you need to look at the long-term value that hiring an independent developer like myself will give you. Your investment won't only just get you a good looking website; I have years of experience building websites that connect with users and deliver returns on your investment. I'd be working collaboratively alongside you to ensure we achieve your desired business goals. Whereas, going down a DIY route doesn’t give you that personal touch, someone who is always there or the independency to fully own your businesses online presence.

  • What content management systems do you use?

    Personally I prefer to use Expression Engine, it’s a powerful bit of kit that makes it easy to manage your content, members, categories and comes with a vast range of add-ons to help your business. Though sometimes for clients, theme based solutions are better i.e. WordPress, they can be cheaper and completely fulfil the needs of the business.

  • Can you alter/update existing websites?

    Yes, without an issue. I will do the work on the hourly rate and invoice once complete.

  • Will you provide my website with an SSL certificate?

    Yes, all websites hosted by myself will be properly configured to have the best security techniques and SSL certificates.

  • Can I have full ownership of my website once complete?

    The aim of my services is to have a no strings attached policy. I will do my all to ensure the final product is yours, with no attachment to myself. So if you feel you need to go elsewhere in the future, the choice is yours.

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